How do I log in to the F1 & A5 Members area?

Once you’ve registered for the Member’s area, you can always access it again by visiting HERE.

After your order, you should have landed on a welcome page with instructions on how to access the system. You should also get an email from us, with detailed instructions. These emails can be routed by some email clients directly to spam/junk folders, so please be sure to check there as well. You may want to whitelist us as safe senders to ensure our emails are delivered directly to your inbox moving forward. If you cannot find the email, please submit a support ticket so we


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    Warren Shelton

    I Have not gotten the email templates to send to my leads. Or the key word search.

    How do I get leads from sites other then Craigslist such as Trulia, Redfin, FSBO that do not have an RSS link that is visible on their search page?

    Are you going to add a people finder program also?

    Oh by the way love the program

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    Ahmed Khan


    Hello Warren,

    Follow up email templates and search keywords will be uploaded soon to training page (

    Leads can be extracted from the websites which provide RSS feed link.

    What do you mean by "people finder program"? Please explain.


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